Thursday, August 19, 2010

80s Fashion

I feel inspired to write about the 80s today. No rhyme or reason just sounded fun! I am a product of the 70s and very much remember all of the awesome things from the 1980s.

I spent some time in college town the other day.  College town being downtown Ann Arbor. The colors and styles really are reminisce of the 1980s. Boy, that didn't make me feel old at all watching youngsters treating it as if it was a NEW thing!

I instantly started having all  these flashbacks of wearing outrageous and colorful clothes! I, as an adult do not know HOW my mother let me go into the public dressed the way I did. Ofcourse, my mother was always good at letting us expressing yourself with clothes. Many of my friends today tell me I am lucky they wished their parents let them wear the things I got to wear.

For me personally I had a few different sides. I recall Madonnas' lucky star look was my personal favorite.

I seem to recall flipping back and forth from Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, to preppy fashion and even yacht club looks in the mix. No one ever really know how I was going to come out of the house the next day!

A friend of mine on facebook said she wanted to bring back the sideways ponytail because it so rocked! Well I'm not exactly sure about that but; lets take a look at those crazy do's I so recall wearing myself as an early teen! HMMM, What do you think?

Well I know my parents definitely had alot of spunk themselves why else would they allow their children to dress so insane. My family definitely wasn't a little 80s we were all up in those 1980s trends!!!

I think this trip down memory lane calls for a little more info on the trend setting fashions of the 1980s! Join me next time we will talk about the totally awesome swatch watches, denim skirts and over sized sweaters so many of us still love and hate to admit!

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