Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rosie The Riveter Dies at 86

Geraldine Boyle aka Rosie The Riveter passed away at age 86 on December 26, 2010.

I have lived in the metro Detroit area for the past four years. I found out only a year or so ago that the Willow Run Plant in Ypsilanti was the plant that Geraldine worked. This is the same plant that she was scouted and became an amazing female icon. I lived only two blocks away from this plant and found myself wanting to learn more about this iconic figure. The two photos above are common scenes from my daily drive past the historic plant.

Some of you know that I play roller derby and many of the girls in this sport worship Rosie. Not only her look but; the power "Rosie" posessed. Her true strength both implied physically and displayed figuratively has meant alot to the women in my sport.  Aside from my personal life she had provided our country with such great service. There are so many reasons to thank Geraldine for being our Rosie. Take a minute and think about what she has meant to you.

We love you Geraldine! Thank you for providing women with so much to look up too and follow over the decades! We surely can do it! Best wishes to the Boyle Family.

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