Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vintage Pink Advertisments - Part I

Well probably like most any typical girl my favorite color is pink.  Now and then have some spare time to google search just random ideas in my brain and see what comes up.  So I thought why not vintage pink ads.
Here is what I found!

These are two different Lingerie Ads. The left is Vanity Fair and the right is Rogers.  Yes I know these are not all baby girl pink but; a variation of Pink. Still fun!

I love these two lipstick ads that I came across! DuBarry I know as a dress maker but; I did not realize they produced cosmetics as well. I once owned a 50s pink lace gown by DuBarry and it was an absolute favorite. It's surprising to see what companies are still around today.

I love this Coke Ad! How cute is that! Ok, so I know not much pink in the Dr Williams Ad however; I thought it was humorous they had a pill called the "Pink Pill".

 I love the Ray Ban its a before the times 1950s meets Top Gun!  What girl doesn't love shoes! I just had to post this ad find.

These are some of the later ads I found. They are Gianni Versace so I just had to put them up! I am a native to Florida and only lived a three short hours from South Beach. Not to mention I so very much love Versaces' work!

Pink, Pink, Pink and more pink! There are millions of ads featuring my favorite color! I literally have another 20 or so ads in pink that I could feature here. I guess that means I will have to do a part II!


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Davis & Whiting

Whiting & Davis are some of the most highly admired and collectible handbags in the vintage fashion trade.

I was going to write a short article about Whiting and Davis as they are my favorite handbag maker! In the midst of doing my research I found an article pretty much written the same way I would have explained them.

So here is the article that says everything I wanted to say! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Edwardian Lace

There are many gorgeous garments that come from the Edwardian Period. So many we find now a days are usually in yellowed, torn, beat up condition. Edwardian garments are just now hitting the 100 year mark. This making them technical antiques in age. My favorite collection of Edwardian Lace garments comes from 

Left: 1910 Lace and tulle Tea Dress.
Right: 1910 Lace Embroidered Tea Dress

Left: 1905 Lace and Silk Dress
Right: 1915 Tambour embroidered net lace tea dress

Left: 1905 Irish Lace Crochet Bolero
Right: 1905 Irish Crochet Lace Knickers

Left & Right: 1900 Belgian mixed princess lace jacket.

This collection is truly amazing! I would have to say as a professional collector and dealer Vintage is absolutely a company to be respected for its knowledge and collection alike!

For all of you Titanic junkies (including myself) this is going to be a great week!
We are going to talk about Edwardian Fashion!
I thought it would be fun to start off with an Edwardian lace feature.

*All photos are from and most items shown above are available for purchase thru thier website.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Shop

 We have started a new page within our website. We will be selling off our vintage clothing collection and estates we have purchased over the years. We have 2000+ garments to purge!

Shopping on our site is easy!
Simply click on the Shop located in our sidebar. It looks like the photo shown above. We are using paypal shopping cart so simply click add to cart and use a secured check out with paypal. If you don't want to use paypal contact us we do have other methods.

Everyday we will be adding new garments, accessories, shoes, purses, etc.
Everything related to vintage fashion!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Vintage Buying Tips!

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I was reading one of my favorite blogs today, The Vintage Traveler. Newly favorite but; all the same a favorite. She posted a great article about some buying tips when looking to purchase vintage clothing.

I totally agree with article. Here is the link. Check it out!

Edwardian Era Corset

The Edwardian Era is my personal favorite period in fashion. No not because of Titanic. This has been a personal favorite of mine since I was a kid. I always thought the S line silhouette was gorgeous. I mean just look at the photo above. Look how gorgeous they are in the front window! 

 That is until I learned what it meant to actually wear a corset! WOW! I don't think your ribs are suppose to do this!

 The S shape corset was nothing less than torture. The goal of this corset was to give a very mature look and to create every mans ideal woman. Very small waists and boosted breasts. This remained popular until 1907.

After 1907, a Corset was designed to promote a more health wise garment. Finally someone put a popular end to this. Not just a protest but; a solution.  The waists were let out a bit more. The silhouette was a longer and straighter.

Here is an authentic Edwardian corset I found at You can see the huge shift in the waist and bust in this corset. I can already feel my lungs expanding comfortably. Unfortunately, this corset was known for creating what we commonly call "uniboob". Although comfortable and better for your health the appearance was not quite the same as previous corsets.

By 1912 some corsets were reaching nearly to the knees. And ofcourse the unforgiving "uniboob" the corset was reinvented once more. This corset above was the last style of the Edwardian period. This corset allowed the breast separation for a better fit in dresses. More feminine but; still a healthy choice.

Soon after WWI women found corsets to be dated and no longer needed. With the invention of elastic belts and bands. These became the new way to hold breasts and waists in place.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chanel Handbag Debate

OK, So if you recall in a previous post Vintage Chanel Highlight I had mentioned a friend of mine and I were discussing a Chanel handbag she had discovered. She is an avid EBayer and loves going to yard sales and thrift shops for great finds to resale. Which so many Ebayers do. She lives in the middle of nowhere and often times she gets the best things because there are not a lot of people treading on her turf. Actually next to no one in her town knows what Ebay is!

She found this beauty at a yard sale for 50 cents! No kidding! She grabbed first and looked later.  Here is the debate. Real or fake? My opinion is fake but; in her heart of hearts she believes it is genuine.

Here's the facts of the handbag and the core issues of our debate.

My friend, we will call her V. She states it has Chanel markings on all of the hardware. The "CC" logo wraps in the correct manner. I say: I have never seen a "CC" logo stamped Paris but; I have only seen a few genuine bags in person previously.  I am not a Chanel expert and I am unsure if this was done in the past.

I am familiar with Chanel bags having a tassel on the side and chain handles/straps were very common with the designer. However; the tassel seems a bit short and I don't recall leather covers/padding on the handle being squared on the edges. Usually they are a little more round in shape on the edges.

The interior lining may no look the greatest in these photos. The lining is however calfskin. The specific material that Chanel uses in their handbags. We have looked everywhere for a hologram and/or plate. We have found one spot in the bag that looks like the hologram or plate may have existed. Its the only damage inside the handbag. V does know her textiles do I don't doubt her on that.

Some other small notes are the inside zipper pull. I read somewhere that Chanel uses a fabric tab as a pull. That most often a toggle pull is also a sign of a fake. The name plate I am unsure of how they are suppose to look. V says the stitching of the bag is impeccable. She says the hardware is not cheap looking in any fashion.

Here is a view of the bottom of the bag. Now this baffles me because I have never seen risen letters on a Chanel bag but; again I am not a Chanel handbag expert and that doesn't mean it was never done.

I know this post will strike a nerve with those of you that are Chanel lovers but; this entry is to help a friend. We just want some confirmation and feedback on the situation. Genuine or Fake?  This bag has NOT been placed for sale because V and I both agree when in doubt Don't!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independance Day America!

Just for fun let's see what awesome vintage patriotic fashion we can dig up!

I started looking at dresses on Ebay and just came across this 1950s full skirt dress randomly. After this I had to see what other patriotic garments were out there.

On the left is a 1950s Grandee Beaded purse and on the right is a 1960s Mod Handbag.

These are two of my favorite finds. Beaded necklace on the left and Brooch on the right. Both are 1960s.

I just adore these patriotic hat and gloves for a touch of sophisticated Patriotism!

OHHH My Goodness!! Here are my absolute two favorite Patriotic vintage finds! A 1940s stripped sundress and 1960s/70s wedge slingbacks! WOW!

This is a vintage magazine cover. It is actually V for Victory Day during WWII. I just loved the colors and graphics. Not to mention what it was respresenting!

Photos coutesy of: 1. Google. 2. Ebay - seller unknown. 3. 4. Ebay - seller unknown. 5. RubyLane - Seller: The vintage merchant. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

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