Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vintage Pink Advertisments - Part I

Well probably like most any typical girl my favorite color is pink.  Now and then have some spare time to google search just random ideas in my brain and see what comes up.  So I thought why not vintage pink ads.
Here is what I found!

These are two different Lingerie Ads. The left is Vanity Fair and the right is Rogers.  Yes I know these are not all baby girl pink but; a variation of Pink. Still fun!

I love these two lipstick ads that I came across! DuBarry I know as a dress maker but; I did not realize they produced cosmetics as well. I once owned a 50s pink lace gown by DuBarry and it was an absolute favorite. It's surprising to see what companies are still around today.

I love this Coke Ad! How cute is that! Ok, so I know not much pink in the Dr Williams Ad however; I thought it was humorous they had a pill called the "Pink Pill".

 I love the Ray Ban its a before the times 1950s meets Top Gun!  What girl doesn't love shoes! I just had to post this ad find.

These are some of the later ads I found. They are Gianni Versace so I just had to put them up! I am a native to Florida and only lived a three short hours from South Beach. Not to mention I so very much love Versaces' work!

Pink, Pink, Pink and more pink! There are millions of ads featuring my favorite color! I literally have another 20 or so ads in pink that I could feature here. I guess that means I will have to do a part II!


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