Friday, July 2, 2010

Charles Frederick Worth

We mentioned earlier Charles Frederick Worth. He was the first real fashion designer. Up until his time most garments were merely tailored and fitted to the clients request. Worth actually designed and made couture clothing by his own design. In other words the first to design and not tailor.

Charles Frederick Worth is considered the Father of Haute Couture. Though Worth is an English Designer in start. He later relocated to Paris. For some that may not know. Fashion not produced in Paris can not be considered Haute Couture.

Once Worth arrived in Paris he started working for a famous Parisian draper. While working in this shop he married the shops' model. After becoming married began making simple dresses for his wife. These simple dresses were well noticed and he often received requests for reproductions by shop clients.

Worth now being a business partner in the drapping firm. He urged his partners to expand the company and begin to make dresses. The partners in the firm denied the request.  Worth later left the firm and found a wealthy investor. The investor helped Worth and he started his first firm known as Worth and Bobergh.

Soon after the opening of his firm he was commissioned by French Empress Eugenie. Before long, many of the rich and famous traveled to Worth from other countries. They traveled to have dresses made by the now famous Charles Frederick Worth.

Charles Frederick Worth had a hugely successful career by any standard. I love his pioneering ideas into what really became the beginning of modern day fashion as we know it. After his passing he left the House of Worth to his sons. His sons who also continued to flourish; bringing the company even farther into success.

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