Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Late Victorian Period

The Late Victorian Period dates from the 1880s to 1901. In this time dresses change drastically. The princess cut dress replaces silhouettes of the past. The princess cut dress had no waist seam and was a long looking bodice around mid thigh. Sometimes longer. These dresses also had long trains.

This dress really required a steady and skillful hand. Many times due to lack of skills by the tailor and or designer pieces were added along the bottom and around the dress to cover up the mistakes made. This dress looked best on a tall thin woman so this style only lasted a few short years.

In 1883 the bustle returns!  This time the bustle had a very different look to them. The rear of the dress was essentially a shelf.  A few years later heavy corsetting becomes the ultimate glamour. The dress sleeves are still tight and form fitting.

By the 1890s the Victorian Dress becomes similar to a power suit in today's world. The bodice was a tight form fitting jacket. Sleeves do begin to develop more. This time in fashion women begin to show "masculine" strength in clothing.

courtesy of mintmuseum.org

During the 1890s dresses become more of an S shape silhouette. Skirts become wider. Corsets are less extreme and bustles begin to diminish. This takes us into the Edwardian period.  Which we will talk about tomorrow.

*all photos are courtesy of cwrl.utexas.edu

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