Monday, June 14, 2010

Who is The Vintage Link?

The Vintage Link is owned and operated by Michelle Link. I, Michelle, have been involved in the fashion industry in one way or another since the mid 1980s. I grew up a shy, tall, awkward girl. Most commonly referred to by classmates as Amazon. This, although not the sole reason, is one reason my mother looked to get me involved in the fashion industry. My mother wanted me to like myself. She wanted me to feel good about who I was. I got my start  in fashion by going to a community acting class and modeling club. Again not to be a star but; to simply gain some self worth.

I was  fortunate to have two teachers that knew how to shape me and mold me into who I am today. I spent many hours taking classes on make up application, dressing for the job, ward robing, walking and talking. Anything you can think to build confidence and a seed for success in my soul.


Once I gained my confidence, work came quick. I was fourteen years old, standing at six feet tall and shoulders back! Now the point of this is not to brag, not by any means. I want to simply state how truly fortunate I was to work with some of the most amazing designers, wardrobers, costumers and stylists. I am more proud of the hands on education I received and the respect that grew for the craft.

I developed such a huge passion, not so much for walking the catwalk or memorizing lines but; for the clothes I would get to wear! The clothing was always my favorite part. Getting to try new things on. Getting to hear first hand what designers and stylists in vision for the future, from the past. Ever since my first professional modeling job I developed a strong love and passion for clothing. I wanted to learn all about, what now feels like,  a lost art and craft. I always gravitated towards the clothes that were brought out of "storage". Clothes of the past. Vintage clothes. These garments seemed so mysterious and more full of life than a dress off the rack.

Working in this field I began to constantly ask my mom about what she wore growing up. What did Grandma wear?  What did Great Grandma wear? When it came to spending time with my mom; I would beg her to take me to the nearby monthly antique shows. I can't imagine what she thought. Why does this kid wanna look at old stuff all day? 

 I became amazed at the history of fashion. All I could think about looking at old gowns was; Who wore it? What did they look like in it?  Where did they go? Who did they go with? I guess I should mention my dream as a child was to become an archaeologist. So, between my experience in the industry and my passion for history.  It is only natural that it ignited this fire for my collecting and learning about vintage clothing and antique garments.

It has been over twenty years since I started my journey. I am sad to say I never became ultra successful as a model or actress. Honestly, I don't feel that style of living would have been for me. However; I have received an invaluable education thur experience. An education that not many will have a chance to gain. I usually don't speak of my past career. In fact I only speak of it now because it explains where my fire was lite inside. One thing  you will always, to this day, catch me speaking about vintage clothing and my love of fashion.

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