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Early Mid Victorian Fashion

Mid Victorian Fashion Dates from the late 1850s to 1880s. We are discussing the early Mid years from 1857 to 1865. Fashion changes drastically during the Mid Victorian period so I have broken it down into two segments. This way we will get to view more beautiful photos!

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In the Early-Mid Period dresses became more and more daring in their pattern and color. During these years women wore both dark and light shades of color such as silvery grays, lavender and magenta. These are just a few among the many popular colors worn. We also find plaids in women's wear begin to emerge.

 Popular fabrics included: silk, taffeta, cashmere, muslin, tulle, mink, seal, beaver and countless other fabrics.

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Corsets with lacing in the back are introduced. The steel cage crinoline was introduced in 1856. On top a petticoat was worn with an elaborate design at the hem.

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Skirts were made fuller by using more tiers which are commonly known as flounce.  Hooks and eyes are now introduced into fashion. 

Dresses for day typically had what is called a Fan Front. Which has a typical tight narrow waist. A wider bell shape sleeve does starts to appear toward the early 1860s.

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Evening dresses were very low-necked, falling off the shoulders, and had short sleeves.

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In the Mid Victorian period we start to see white gloves and colored hosiery. The Indian Shaw becomes another fashionable garment. Hair styles become much simpler. It becomes a simple part down the middle with a bun or braid in the back.  Earrings go from simple dangles to tassel-like in form.

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Tomorrow we will discuss dresses from the Late-Mid Victorian period and the bustle.

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