Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to get stains out of vintage clothing?

How to get set in stains out of vintage clothing?
  This is an answer based on experience.

I was wearing a brand new dress last week and also had a newly opened soda in the car. EEK, I turned a corner and the soda literally jumped out of the cup holder and all over my lap. There I sat soaked with soda.  My brand new purple and white stripe dress was ruined. UGH, I was so upset with myself for not holding on to the bottle. Well there goes my new dress! I got to wear it for two whole hours.

Coincidentally my friend calls long distance and she asked about me day. I was having a good ole pity party; so I told her about the dress. She said stop now get Palmolive and Ammonia and clean it. I said WHAT?  It can't be that simple! Could it? Are you kidding me?

I rushed to the grocery store and grabbed what I needed. By this time my dress was good and dry. I was just worried sick.  Not my new dress! I am sure you have been there once too?

I mixed up the solution being sure to follow her every word.  I sprayed it on and waited. Sprayed some more and waited.  Washed out the mixture and to my amazement my dress was just like brand new! Even soft and cuddly just like it was several hours earlier.

I thought to myself if this worked on a dark colored soda that had settled in over a span of hours. Not to mention my friend just went on and on of all the crazy stains she could get out of her clothes. Surely it would work on stains in my vintage clothing.  I grabbed a favorite dress in my collection that had a small stain, I have been eager to get out. Did the same thing and out it came.  No more stain!! YEAH!

I then tried many other garments in my vintage collection. It took out dark stains, yellowing, dingy everything that I had given up on in the past. Clothes I have had sitting for two years praying someday I could save them. It literally saved my vintage dress collection. Pieces I thought could never be wearable again, now look like new.  So what exactly did I do? Below are the tools and instructions I followed.

What do I need?
* Palmolive (original formula - green)
* Ammonia
* Water
* Spray bottle
Total Cost: Appx $3.50 depending on location and store.

What's the mix?
 1/2 cup Palmolive, 1/2 cup Ammonia and fill the rest of your spray bottle with water. 
This is for a small spray bottle.
If you have a large spray bottle double the quantities.
*You can increase the amount of Palmolive and ammonia if you desire but; I do not believe it is necessary. It seems to be efficient enough with little ingredients with lots of water.

What do I do?
Spray to fully saturate to cover the stain area. Let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse. Repeat if the stain has not lifted. I had a very large and heavily stained surface. It took a solid hour to get the stains totally lifted. This meant repeating the cycle three times. Lay flat to dry so you can check the area as it is drying. This will help you see if you need to do another round of spraying. Best to do again before fully dry.
Once it looks as though the stain has fully lifted you can let dry and wear if desired. You can also rewash under your regular cleaning guide and then wear. This would ensure all the ammonia and Palmolive is clear from your garment. If you are sensitive like I am to chemicals and fabrics I suggest a normal wash cycle prior to wear.

Final Note:
Please note this was only used on cotton, polyester and linen.
I have not used this on silk or special instruction fabrics. Best to consult a professional cleaner if you are still unsure this method is safe for your garment.

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