Thursday, June 17, 2010

Evolution of the Tracksuit

Wikipedia says: Tracksuit
*a loose fitting outfit
* consisting of a pair of trousers and a jacket or pullover top
* usually of a light fabric
*worn by exercisers or athletes before and after working out

The Vintage link (TVL) Says:
Yes yes we know what they are; the matching jacket and pants sets. Coordinating color schemes and you definitely know one when you see one!

Wikipedia Says:
Track suits were first produced by Adidas in 1964. It was known as leisure wear.
 Tracksuits were some of the first to use synthetic fibers in garments.
Mostly worn by athletes in the 60s and 70s they broke out in the 1980s.

TVL Says:
I can only imagine in the late1960s seeing the American Olympians and top competitors wearing such a sharp coordinating outfit. I bet it  was impressive. Clean lines. No wrinkles in their suits. However, I am sure by the looks of the pattern above of a women's tracksuit; husbands were already fearing the question, "How do I look?"

In the 1970s, I am sure it was the same. For me I would have to say the late 70s and 1980s is where tracksuits became interesting in a good way.  In my memories of life when I think of tracksuits I remember: RUN DMC and an old schoolmate. Why? MTV (RUN DMC were everywhere) and Ben was an amazing B-boy. He always wore a tracksuit to school.

Wikipedia Says:
 The 1990s style track suit revised and made styles similar to the early version from the 1960s. The 1990s track suit were known as parachute pants. They are often sited as a fashion faux pas.

TVL Says:
OMGoodness, I would not be caught dead in a tracksuit from the 90s! I don't recall the 1960s being this ugly! I remember in the late 1980s and early 1990s grown men wearing pastels and paisley mixed in a track jacket. And the noise of a 90s tracksuit still rings clear in my ears.

The more insane the suit, the more popular? What happened? Oh yes and if you had the fleece lined tracksuit you were golden. NOT! Pretty funny these tracksuits are the ones most commonly used for Halloween.

Wikipedia Says:
 From the 1960s to the 2000s they have gone from athletic wear, to urban hip hop wear, to housewives. Today tracksuits remain popular and have a totally new way about them.

TVL Says:
Oh, we are wearing these again? Thank you Adidas for remaining true to your classic styles that I just adore. Thank you Juicy Couture for introducing to us housewives and casual dressers how to look great in a quick pick outfit. I think Juicy Couture has made the first tracksuit that men are not afraid of the "How do I look" question. OH and Quentin Tarantino I just really love this version of a futuristic tracksuit! Technically, it is referred to as a Jumper or Romper but; I just love the color and style. So I'm keeping it here.

During my tracksuit journey I have found my favorite! What kind of tracksuit are you?

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