Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chanel Handbag Debate

OK, So if you recall in a previous post Vintage Chanel Highlight I had mentioned a friend of mine and I were discussing a Chanel handbag she had discovered. She is an avid EBayer and loves going to yard sales and thrift shops for great finds to resale. Which so many Ebayers do. She lives in the middle of nowhere and often times she gets the best things because there are not a lot of people treading on her turf. Actually next to no one in her town knows what Ebay is!

She found this beauty at a yard sale for 50 cents! No kidding! She grabbed first and looked later.  Here is the debate. Real or fake? My opinion is fake but; in her heart of hearts she believes it is genuine.

Here's the facts of the handbag and the core issues of our debate.

My friend, we will call her V. She states it has Chanel markings on all of the hardware. The "CC" logo wraps in the correct manner. I say: I have never seen a "CC" logo stamped Paris but; I have only seen a few genuine bags in person previously.  I am not a Chanel expert and I am unsure if this was done in the past.

I am familiar with Chanel bags having a tassel on the side and chain handles/straps were very common with the designer. However; the tassel seems a bit short and I don't recall leather covers/padding on the handle being squared on the edges. Usually they are a little more round in shape on the edges.

The interior lining may no look the greatest in these photos. The lining is however calfskin. The specific material that Chanel uses in their handbags. We have looked everywhere for a hologram and/or plate. We have found one spot in the bag that looks like the hologram or plate may have existed. Its the only damage inside the handbag. V does know her textiles do I don't doubt her on that.

Some other small notes are the inside zipper pull. I read somewhere that Chanel uses a fabric tab as a pull. That most often a toggle pull is also a sign of a fake. The name plate I am unsure of how they are suppose to look. V says the stitching of the bag is impeccable. She says the hardware is not cheap looking in any fashion.

Here is a view of the bottom of the bag. Now this baffles me because I have never seen risen letters on a Chanel bag but; again I am not a Chanel handbag expert and that doesn't mean it was never done.

I know this post will strike a nerve with those of you that are Chanel lovers but; this entry is to help a friend. We just want some confirmation and feedback on the situation. Genuine or Fake?  This bag has NOT been placed for sale because V and I both agree when in doubt Don't!

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