Friday, July 2, 2010

Vintage Chanel Highlight

A friend of my called and asked me some advice about a Chanel purse she purchased. While we had a lengthy discussion over the purse I was suddenly in the mood for some more Chanel. Who isn't? Shown above is a 1920s Chanel ad featuring Coco Chanel herself.

Coco Chanel took an early rise in the fashion world. She stayed on top of the fashion world even beyond her physical years. She is a true fashion courtier to remember. How can you forget more like? The dress shown above is an early Chanel gown. It is a flapper dress from the 1920s.

 I found this awesome site with former Chanel Ads. Why is it so special? Its a 1930s ad featuring Coco herself! Yes she has been in plenty of  ads prior to this but; I just really like this one.

This is a stunning 1937 white lace Chanel numbered couture evening gown. What a gorgeous piece. I can see gowns from the 1970s mimicking this piece and even some repeat in today's market. A truly timeless gown.

This is a 1940s Vogue cover shot. The cover  is featuring a 1940s Chanel suit. Classic utilitarian style suit during WWII times. Most garments were minimal due to war time rations and shortages. Note how gorgeous the suit is and how well put together the model looks during time of war!

This is a 1950s Chanel Ad. It features a two piece suit. What looks to be silk trimmed with a tweed or wool of sort. Note the use of chain as a belt and necklace. Little has changed over the years with the use of chain. When I think of Chanel today I think of something similar to this set.


This is a vintage Chanel triple strand chain necklace. The "CC" logo scattered thru out as embellishments.


1960s photo of Coco working her magic! Wow could you image being the one in that suit while Chanel works her magic around you? OH so lucky!

This is also a 1960s photo. It is a panel of women wearing Chanel garments. Such lucky ladies! Chanel has a vision for her line and today 80 years later stands true to that vision. Truly remarkable and a truly timeless!

Here are two vintage suits I found while searching the Internet. The suit on the left is a 1960s Chanel Haute Couture. This suit retails for 2,750 Euro. The suit on the right is from the 1970s Chanel Haute Couture. It is a two piece skirt suit. This suit sells for 4,950 Euro. Oh I so wish! But, if you are lucky enough check 'em out at

1980s Chanel Skirt Suit. A definite power suit of the 80s.

Thanks for riding along with me on my quick trip of Chanel highlights. I was just feeling like a little Coco Chanel today.  My glass is raised to you Coco!

Coco herself on the beach in the 1930s.

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