Thursday, May 27, 2010

Estate Find

So, just got the news today I have a spectacular lot of 60 dresses arriving ASAP!

Finally negotiated a super deal but; only thanks to a great friend and a huge supporter!

These dresses came from an estate of a woman that passed away decades ago, the house was sealed and untouched ever since. Her sons have decided to let everything go.

Miraculously enough nothing has deteriorated, nothing damaged, as though it was carefully kept for an unveiling in today's time. What a rare situation! We had a lengthy discussion today of how this could be!
My friend acquired two suburban loads of wonderful goodies and she has choosen to share these dresses with me. She also found vintage make up, perfumes, shoes, hosiery, girdles, and anything girlie from the late 30s thru the early 60s. Could you imagine finding such items that were left untouched for so many decades!

If the original owner of these dresses were alive today she would be in excess of 110 years old! WOW, can you image what her life must have been like? I feel truly honored and I can barely contain myself! Also, the original owner was a bankers' wife. She was always dressed to impress. Fashion was her passion just as it is mine today.

The lot of dresses are super super clean and look as though she purchased them and never wore them! Literally a time capsule of dresses. What an amazing treasure and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to own them! Super find of superior quality dresses from the 1940s, 1950s to very early 1960s!!!

They will be offered in my RubyPlaza shop so be sure to check in again. The pictures provided were sent to me from my friend out West! A quick preview of what is to come! Shown here are two 1940s dresses.

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